Bottle Opener Eider Duck

Wildlife Garden AB

A3 / F 44

A bottle opener, shaped like an eider duck, swims into your kitchen

This bottle opener combines playful design with premium quality and exceptional artisanship. Hand-carved from wood and shaped like a swimming eider, its design is timeless, and the shape is pleasing to hold when used. The metal opener is discreetly concealed beneath the bird and remains unseen when laid on the table. This bottle opener is also an ideal, delightful gift for any occasion.

About the eider duck

The eider is a diving duck that mostly lives by the sea but occasionally visits lakes. Their plumage varies throughout the year, but the wedge-shaped bill is their most prominent feature. Eiders mainly live on blue mussels and other crustaceans and molluscs that they fish from the bottom of the sea. They are excellent divers and dive to a depth of ten metres. Female eider ducks often team up and rear ducklings together, a behaviour called créching.

Designs by Wildlife Garden

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, our skilled designers and artisans craft beautiful, functional home items. Our bottle openers, modelled after swimming waterfowl, add a playful and practical element to the kitchen, imbuing it with a natural ambience. Each piece showcases exceptional artisanship, lending a unique character and charm.

* Clean your handcrafted bottle opener with a damp cloth.


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