DecoBird Flying Barn Swallow

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A Detailed Depiction of a Barn Swallow in Mid-flight

DecoBird Flying Barn Swallow is an intricately crafted representation of the bird that adds a calm, pleasant atmosphere to any room. With a hemp cord attached to its back, you can hang this charming bird in your window or, why not, over your bedside table.

Designed in Sweden, DecoBird Flying Barn Swallow is handmade using sustainable materials such as hand-carved wood and environmentally friendly paint. Thanks to their handcrafted nature, each bird has slight variations, making each one unique.

About Barn Swallows

The iridescent, dark blue barn swallow is an acrobatic little bird. Its short legs make it unsuitable for landing on the ground, meaning they spend most of their lives in flight, even preferring to drink during flight.
The swallow has adapted to nest almost exclusively in artificial structures such as barns, lofts, garages and occasionally bridges and piers. They shape the nest like an open clay bowl and line it with feathers.

DecoBird by Wildlife Garden

DecoBirds are the result of a unique collaboration between ornithologists, product designers, and skilled artisans. This cooperation has yielded a vast array of bird sculptures, each skilfully crafted by hand.

DecoBirds make excellent gifts for anyone interested in birds and nature. Their lifelike appearance and intricate detailing make them popular collector’s items. Schools have used them as educational tools and as fun additions to classrooms. At home, they add a personal style, seamlessly fitting into minimalist and more traditional interior styles.

In Other Languages

Scientific name: Hirundo rustica

Dutch: Boerenzwaluw

French: Hirondelle Rustique

German: Hausschwalbe

Italian: Rondine

Spanish: Golondrina Común

Swedish: Ladusvala

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