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DecoBird Long-eared Owl–A Detail-rich Wooden Bird

With its distinctive ear tufts, DecoBird Long-eared Owl has a curious and attentive expression. Whether displayed on a bookshelf, home office, or living room, this intricately handcrafted owl allows your style to shine whilst evoking a touch of the natural world.

DecoBird Long-Eared Owl—designed in Sweden—is handmade using sustainable materials like hand-carved wood and environmentally friendly paint. Because each bird is handmade, it displays unique variations, adding a touch of individuality to every creation.

About Long-eared Owls

The long-eared owl is a medium-sized bird in the Strigidae family. It has an extensive geographic range, inhabiting Europe, Asia, and North America. Most long-eared owls are migratory birds with varying migration routes, exhibiting a „nomadic“ lifestyle. The southernmost populations are non-migratory.

Long-eared owls don’t build their nests. Instead, they reuse abandoned nests from other birds. Their diet consists of small rodents, especially voles.

Currently, their population is stable, although there is a decline in numbers.

DecoBird by Wildlife Garden

Crafted in partnership with ornithologists, product designers, and skilled artisans, DecoBirds represent a fusion of expertise, resulting in a diverse range of handcrafted bird sculptures.

Their lifelike appearance and intricate detailing make them popular among a broad audience. They are second to none as gifts for nature enthusiasts; many have them as collector’s items. Displayed in a school, they serve as an educational tool, and in the home, they seamlessly integrate into modern and traditional styles.

In Other Languages

Scientific name: Asio otus

Dutch: Ransuil

French: Hibou Moyen-duc

German: Waldohreule

Italian: Gufo comune

Spanish: Búho Chico

Swedish: Hornuggla

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