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Timeless Handcrafted Scandinavian Jewellery Box

Store your favourite jewellery in a handmade wooden box. The box is decorative and playful but understated in style, making it suitable for display on a shelf or bedside table. It is a genuine craft piece with materials that have a unique character and feel. Each box is made to age beautifully. The carved surface creates a beautiful texture that enhances the natural feel of the material.

Artisans craft our wooden boxes from cherry wood, a fast-growing deciduous hardwood that grows in tall, dense clusters. It boasts a warm reddish hue with striking variations in its dark grain patterns, accentuated by dark „spots“ formed by resin pockets. The jewellery box is entirely made of wood, using a technique inspired by traditional shrink pots. This technique utilises the wood’s natural shrinkage as it dries. The individual parts of the box are joined with pegs to allow for the natural movement of the wood in different humidities.

The swivel lid rotates around a brass fitting with a round top, and a recessed magnet keeps the lid closed. The lid features a curious magpie keeping an eye on your treasures. The magpie is chip-carved by hand and painted with water-based colours.

About the Motif

Magpie (Pica pica) couples stay together for life. They start collecting materials for the new nest as early as winter, picking twigs off the ground or breaking them off trees. They often reuse an old nest, simply relining it with fresh materials.

Magpies are omnivores, eating whatever they encounter, such as waste, eggs, hatchings, and even small adult ducks.

Handmade Wooden Boxes from Wildlife Garden

We love to create beautiful items for the home, preferably ones that serve a purpose. With nature as our greatest source of inspiration, we have, together with our designers and artisans, created a playful jewellery box. The beautiful variations in the artisanship give each wooden box a unique feel and personality.

* The jewellery box is oiled and can be re-treated with wood oil.

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