Salt & Pepper Mill Artichoke Purple

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Wooden Salt and Pepper Mill with a Practical and Clever Design

This salt/pepper mill combines playful design with functional artisanship to bring personality to your kitchen or dining table. A carved artichoke adorns the top of the dark purple wooden mill, and the mill body’s chip-carved surface enhances the natural feel of the wood.

The mill features an adjustable, high-quality grinding mechanism to ensure culinary perfection with each use. You can adjust the grain size by turning the artichoke at the top of the mill. The ground spices come out from the top during use, preventing them from spilling on your surfaces when not in use.

To refill the mill, pull the mill halves apart.


  • A high-quality ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Adjustable grain size with the help of the carved figure
  • Easy refilling by taking the mill halves apart
  • The ground spices come out at the top—fewer crumbs on the table

About Artichokes

The artichoke (Cynara scolymus) is a perennial crop known for its large, edible flower buds, which are considered a delicacy in several countries. It can grow up to 1.5-2 metres tall and has large, silvery-green lobed leaves. If the flower bud is allowed to develop, it blooms with large violet flowers.

Artichokes originated in the Mediterranean and are a domesticated variety of the cardoon (a wild thistle species). In Spain, artichokes have protected designations of origin. An example is the Valencia region, which the EU recognised in November 2003.

Cooked artichokes are nutritious and contain high levels of dietary fibre, vitamins (especially C and K), minerals (such as magnesium and phosphorus), and antioxidants. Typically eaten boiled, the „leaf“ (bract) is pulled off one at a time and eaten with butter. Other ways to prepare artichokes include baking. You may also find pickled artichokes on store shelves.

Design by Wildlife Garden

We love creating beautiful items for the home, especially items with a function. Inspired by nature, our designers and artisans have worked together to create playful yet practical kitchenware that celebrates the variations and personality born from handcrafted items.

Our collection of salt & pepper mills reflects our love of the natural world and the heart of the home, the kitchen.


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