Salt & Pepper Mill Cockatoo White

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Playfully Designed Nature-inspired Wooden Salt & Pepper Mill

A playful Swedish-designed salt & pepper mill adds a personal touch to your kitchen or dining table. A carved white cockatoo in wood adorns the top of the white mill. The handcrafted chip-carving on the mill body enhances the natural feel of the wood.

The mill features a high-quality ceramic grinding mechanism with an adjustable grain size, ensuring precision during cooking. You can adjust the grain size by turning the cockatoo at the top of the mill. To refill the mill, pull the halves apart.

As the salt/pepper emerges from the top of the mill, the salt/pepper emerges from the top of the mill during use. This clever design keeps your surfaces clean when the mill is not in use.


  • A high-quality ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Adjustable grain size with the help of the carved figure
  • Easy refilling by taking the mill halves apart
  • The ground spices come out at the top—fewer crumbs on the table

About Sulphur-crested Cockatoos

The curious, talkative, and intelligent sulphur-crested cockatoo is probably the most well-known cockatoo. It has adapted well to urbanisation in Australia, and you can spot it in many city areas.

Cockatoos are among the loudest birds and live in large flocks of up to hundreds of birds. They are native to eastern and northern Australia and Tasmania.

The sulphur-crested cockatoo forages on the ground for a significant portion of its diet. Its diet mainly consists of berries, nuts, seeds, and fruits, but it can also eat plants, grasshopper eggs, tree-dwelling insects, and larvae. They prefer nesting in tree hollows or rock crevices, laying 2–3 eggs that they incubate for 30 days. The chicks become fledglings after about 70 days.

Design by Wildlife Garden

We love creating beautiful items for the home, especially items with a function. Inspired by nature, our designers and artisans have worked together to create playful yet practical kitchenware that celebrates the variations and personality born from handcrafted items.

Our collection of salt & pepper mills reflects our love of the natural world and the heart of the home, the kitchen.


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