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Reusable fabric gift wrapping - Furoshiki made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton


Luka Zajc Design

Luka Zajc design presents four families of wooden products. In-house desigend, handmade in EU, ecological, optimised for optimal carbon footprint.



Join the reuse revolution with beautifully illustrated, reusable fabric gift wrap for every occasion. FabRaps are ethically made from 100% certified organic cotton. Zero waste and multi-purpose, this reusable wrapping paper can be used time and again to delight and enhance the act of giving. The very best alternative to throw-away paper to treasure and pass on to cherished family and friends, or to keep forever. At FabRap, we’re focused on creating sustainable and ethical gift wrapping that stands the test of time. Through working with environmentally and ethically responsible suppliers and materials, we aim to support and encourage sustainable [...]



WAX MELTS - AN ECO-CONSCIOUS ALTERNATIVE TO SCENTED CANDLES AND OILS   Just as people have a signature perfume, why not have a signature scent for your home? We specialise in unique, luxurious scent combinations. Our Signature Collection of 8 fragrances has been individually selected to offer customers the widest possible choice of luxurious and long-lasting home fragrances.  We also release limited edition seasonal fragrances in spring, summer, autumn and winter, as well as fragrances for events such as Christmas. Our aim is to offer the widest possible range of fragrance families - floral, oriental, woody and fresh - for every [...]



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