albert L. (punkt)

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Our products and philosophy have evolved from the “Synthesis of Nordic Design and Far Eastern Craftmanship”.

Our goal is not to mass produce products or to build a vast empire. Rather we pledge to focus on the human factor and natural resources. We all depend on those resources and need to value and respect them.

The bamboo bowls from albert L. (punkt) combine the modern and traditional world in dual ways.

Bamboo is a trendsetting eco-friendly resource as it is fast growing (about 10 times faster than a regular tree). It can be found almost all over the world and has been used for all types of products for thousands of years.

Our bowls are crafted following ancient handicraft skills but in the same time we are using modern designs and forms, inspired by west-nordic living trends. The result is a beautiful bamboo product in 20 selected colors, finished with a high gloss lacquer.

At albert L. (punkt) you will find the matching lampshade for your bamboo bowl, including lamp electrics and color-coordinated, high-quality 3 m long textile cables with canopy and fastening hooks. For your individual lighting, choose from a total of 17 colors in two lampshade sizes.

“BiMa”, the matt bamboo collection by albert L. (punkt), appeals to the younger, trend-oriented target group with its puristic, Scandinavian design. It includes 5 bowl sizes in 5 elegant color combinations. The synthesis of the colors with the natural bamboo character gives the product a particularly elegant note.

The main product under our lacquer ware section are our trays. We offer various forms, sizes and colors, a total of over 70 options. Our main focus lays on the cheerful colors and clean lines.

Kisdorfer Weg 15c , 24568 Kaltenkirchen, DE
Telefon: +494088128401

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