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Your trusted partner for incense and well-being products.

We live in times of returning to our origins, sustainability and aboveall raising awareness for ourselves and nature, old traditions as well as regional customs.

BITTO – NATÜRLICH ZUM WOHLFÜHLEN is your trusted specialst and partner for one of these topics – incense burning and everything that is involved in this magic ancient tradition.

Thirty years ago BITTO – NATÜRLICH ZUM WOHLFÜHLEN started as small organic health product and food store. The growing demand, enthusiasm and knowledge regarding traditional incense products became more and more obvious. Our wide spread business partner network and clients appreciate the impressive variety of incense , incense mixtures and incense burning accessories.

Fair trade buying and sustainable production play a major role for BITTO – NATÜRLICH ZUM WOHLFÜHLEN. Almost all incense and mixtures are produced and manually bottled in-house. Wherever possible, the ingredients are organic and made from raw materials gained via fair trade production. We carry even more fairtrade items such as incense burners, diffusers, incense sticks and high quality incense holders.

Fairtrade cooperatives create fair income opportunities for low-income workers without being politically dependent.

The wide range of the company scores with an impressive variety of organic goods.

Since 2018 BITTO – NATÜRLICH ZUM WOHLFÜHLEN is officially a proud certified organic official seal partner. We are convinced that nature itself offers the best ingredients. BITTO – NATÜRLICH ZUM WOHLFÜHLEN prefers to use exactly these wonderful natural resources.

Organic essential oils, fragrance lamps and diffusers, lavender as well as pine products, water vitalisation or energising aura sprays plus many more accompanying well being goods complete our convincing product range.

The entire product variety and more information can be found in our webshop:

Kalzitstr. 15 , 4611 Buchkirchen, AT
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BITTO - NATÜRLICH ZUM WOHLFÜHLEN GmbH is your trustful Austrian expert for frankincense, incense mixes, incense sticks in Fair Trade quality, diffusers, essential oils with organic-certification, wellness products, and high-quality accessories since 30 years!

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