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We are Light & Living, a wholesaler with a passion for lighting and interiors. We compile our collections with love and attention.

Light & Living was founded over fifty years ago. We started making lampshades in a small factory hall. Lamps were soon added so that we could offer a total lighting concept. After many years of being active in the lighting market, we started expanding with affordable home accessories and (small) furniture.

We know better than anyone that home is where people often feel most at ease. A place of their own, furnished with comfortable furniture and atmospheric lighting. We like to think along with you. So we travel the world in search of the most beautiful lighting and home decoration. We are always looking for that one special item that makes our heart beat faster. We capture these moments and translate them into our products.

Twice a year, we present a new seasonal collection. So we know how to inspire you every time!

's Gravendijckseweg 8 , 2201 CZ Noordwijk, NL
Telefon: +31713615576

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